How Long Does It Take To Tile A Bathroom?

How Long Does It Take To Tile A Bathroom?
Don’t want to make an expensive call to a tile setter? Want to turn your bathroom tiling into your next DIY project, but not sure how long it will take? Without knowing the exact duration of the tiling process, you can’t plan well. Well, we have got you all covered up here.
Tiling a bathroom is not a hard-hitting task, but it is time consuming if you don’t use the right techniques and tools. And if you hire a tile setter for this chore, you surely have to pay a lot.  A bathroom tiling project is a perfect weekend job. If you are not well aware of tiling a bathroom, it will take 10 to 16 hours, depending on the size.

What Affects The Duration Of Tiling A Shower?
Regardless of your expertise, the exact answer to how long does it take to tile a shower varies depending upon different factors. Let’s discuss these factors in detail!

⦁ Working Speed
Your working speed highly affects the time consumed in this process. You can do the task all by yourself, but the DIY route may seem difficult at first. But once you get a grip on work, you can get it done in around 10 to 16 hours.  
You can get your work done pretty quickly if you are working at the right pace using the right tools and material. Moreover, It also depends on how early you’ll get into the rhythm. 

  1. Preparation For Tiling
    Preparation plays an essential part in any DIY project. Prepared with material and tools, you can complete your DIY job in a lesser period. Preparation for tiling a shower includes cleaning the area and preparing necessary equipment.
  1. Availability Of Best Equipment
    If you have all the necessary items beforehand, it will reduce the time consumed in going to the convenience store again and again. 
  1. Flattening The Surfaces
    You can use the proper tools (electric cutter, diamond blades, etc.) to flat the surface. A flat surface reduces the possibility of tiles cracking, which will cause issues and directly affects the duration of the tiling process.
  1. Grouting Duration
  2. The duration of the grouting process depends upon the size and shape of the tiles. If tiles are small or have an irregular shape, then it will be more time-consuming. If they are of regular shape and medium size, the grouting duration will decrease.
  • Average Area Of Bathroom
    The area or size of the bathroom is an essential element that affects the duration of tiling a shower. A larger bathroom consumes more time as compared to the smaller ones. If there are too many pipes, corners, and angles in your bathroom, it will also increase the duration of your tiling project. 
  • Size Of A Single Tile

Just like the size of the bathroom, the size of tiles also affects the duration of this process. Using medium-sized and well-shaped tiles can make your tiling job done in a few hours. While oversized and irregular tiles would consume more time. 
Consider the angle of the tiles . Diagonal tiles look trendy and stunning but require more time. 
To tile a bathroom is a straightforward process. It will take about 12 hours to tile your bathroom. In this article, we covered 7 elements that affect how long does it take to tile a shower? These elements include the size of tiles, area of the bathroom, preparation, and working speed. 
Get focused on these factors, your work will be done quite efficiently!

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