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The Best Toilets for Your Home in 2022

Champion from American Standard

Toilets are often difficult to distinguish from one another, so you might believe that all toilets are the same. However, anyone who has purchased a toilet can attest to the many types available: While the fundamental operations are nearly identical, toilet features and technology vary considerably from model to model. The appropriate size, height, bowl shape, and style.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: 

American Standard


Contractors and Professional plumbing companies alike insist on the best toilet to take care business is the “Champion” from American Standard. Make sure and not confuse the box store “Champion” from American Standard with the professional grade. While they may look the same and model number the price will give you the indication of interior parts. Plastic parts are used in the cheaper box store versions, for savings.

Best Budget: 


1.28 gpf Elongated Two Piece Complete Toilet

This affordable toilet comes complete with everything you need from start to finish. No extra trips to the supply store. It’s all in the box!

Best Two-Piece: 

American Standard


Green: WaterSense, Yes

Handle Type: Trip Lever

Height: 31-3/8 in

IAPMO Listed: Yes

Length: 30-3/16 in

MA Approved: No

Material: Vitreous China

Shape: Elongated

Not too Pricey good on the environment, money well spent.

Best One-Piece: 


Cimarron® 1.28 gpf Elongated One Piece Toilet

The one-piece design limits the cleaning needed in the cracks along most toilets.

Best Elongated: 


Wellworth® Elongated Toilet 

Bowl in White (Seat Not Included)

Best Round: 



Product Details

  •  Round-front bowl offers an ideal solution for smaller baths and powder rooms
  •  Comfort Height® feature offers a chair height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults
  •  Seat not included
  •  Combines with the Kohler® K-4433 or Kohler® K-4434 tank to create a Kohler® K-3986 Memoirs® classic toilet or Kohler® K-3933 Memoirs® stately toilet
  •  Coordinates with other products in the Memoirs® collection

Best With Bidet: 


Neorest® Plastic Elongated Washlet in Cotton White

The washlet feature is wonderful, it’s very difficult to install it must be done by a plumbing professional ( it bolts to the flange from the rear) also you will need an electrician to install a GFI protected out behind the unit. Make sure and position the outlet where you can plug and unplug without have the toilet uninstalled

Best With Dual Flush: 

Gerber Plumbing

Ultra Dual-Flush

Product Details

  •  12″ rough-in
  •  ErgoHeight™
  •  17″ high elongated toilet
  •  Low Consumption
  •  Pressurized flushing action
  •  Siphon jet action

What to keep in mind when shopping for in a Toilet


When shopping for a new toilet, it’s important to take into account its size. The “rough-in” measurement from the wall and floor drain will give you an idea of what type of fixture can be installed in your bathroom or if there are anyswall joints present which need substantial modifications before installing fixtures with larger flush tanks such as elongated bowl toilets (also known as round fronts).

The first step when looking at replacing an old commode is determining how big that thing was! You’ll want find out exactly where things like pipes meet drywall so everything matches up nicely–especially since most plumbing codes nowadays require all holes around sinks/toilets etc., including those leading downbelow grade level must have covers built right

The standard distance for a toilet installation is 12 inches, but you may have up to 14 if your home’s plumbing allows it. This will help determine the right size and make sure that everything fits nicely in place without being too snug or loose – which can cause problems when flushing!


Toilet styles are usually determined by the type and size of tank. You can find two-piece toilets, which must be bolted on during installation to form a complete bowl; or one piece models that come as an entire unit with no seams for easier cleaning than having multiple parts just laying around your bathroom! Wall mounted flush valves lend themselves well into any style home décor while providing sleek lines without taking up too much space traditionally used in other types such as bidets and sinks
The more prosaic terms (two piece) might offer better cleanliness but at higher price point – so consider what’s most important when buying 


The best toilets are those that make your life easier. The older you get, the more difficult it can be to get up from a sitting or squatting position on one spot without assistance–but not with these great options! One of our favorites has an 18″ height which makes going about everyday tasks less stressful for people in this situation because they’re able use all their strength getting off ground rather than strained muscles trying hard just lift themselves upright again after being seated upon something lower than what was expected by foundation design standards set out before construction began
As well as making sure every model meets accessibility requirements set forth within ADA law so there isn’t anything preventing anyone using.


Your home is not a place for overflowing pipes and dirty toilets: why do you think they call it “household” appliances? The majority of modern flush valves use gravity-driven systems like the one outlined in this article. But there are newer styles too, such as pressure assisted flushing technology or dual function devices that can either perform an all-out push or offer partial options depending on what needs doing at any given time.

Water consumption

A toilet’s flush rate is one way to measure how well it uses water. From 1.6 gallons perflush, you won’t need worry about wasting any with your new purchase! However there are high-efficiency toilets that only use around 1 or less–per flushing (less than). These products often come equipped as “WaterSense” labeled by EPA for being more environmentally friendly and efficient in their usage of resources .

Shape – bowl

There are many different shapes of toilet bowls and it’s important to know the difference. Elongated, or more oval-shaped toilets are marketed as being comfortable for users because they’re so soft on your bottom! On the other hand rounder types have less distance between seat height an water level which makes them better in small bathrooms where space is limited.”

Noise level

Some people are more concerned with the noise their toilets make than others. If you have a sensitive ear, then it’s best to opt for one that flushes slowly and has soft-close lids so as not wake up everyone in your house at night!
It’s also worth considering which type of flush system will work well where exactly is being installed – gravity vs high tech electronic valves can make all difference between peaceable living and sleepless nights (not just because they’re louder).


A toilet can be an important part of your home. When you’re deciding what model to buy, think about how it will look and if there are any special features that would make life easier for yourself or others in the bathroom (like kids). You might also want to consider color options like black, white/silver etc., but don’t forget about bold colors–they’re out there! If a particular style is more appealing than another because they have different shapes on their trapways then maybe go ahead with this option-saving themselves some cleaning efforts while creating sleeker looks too!.


Toilets come with special features such as heated seats and night lights. However, these options will increase the initial cost of your toilet but they may require increased maintenance over its lifetime
One type is touchless which means you don’t need to use any fingers when going about cleaning it or activating flushing capabilities; another feature includes an overflow protection system so that if by chance someone leaves too much waste in their bowl then there won’t be a major mess on top (or near) them where everything gets washed away quickly before anyone notices anything wrong.

Important things to remember

  • How should you measure for a new toilet?
  • The most important measurement when shopping for a toilet is the rough-in, which is the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the drainpipe or bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. The standard rough-in size is 12 inches, but older homes may have 10- or 14-inch rough-ins, which require specialty toilets. Measure the amount of vertical and horizontal space available so you know how large your new toilet can be. 
  • How do you install a new toilet?
  • To install a toilet, start by removing your old toilet and repairing or replacing the flange (if needed). The next step is to test-fit your new toilet by placing it on top of the flange to ensure the bolts align with the holes in the base and that the unit sits level. From here, apply a new wax ring to the horn, then set the toilet in place, tighten the nuts, and finally connect the water supply tube. 
  • What’s the best way unclog a toilet?
  • Most toilet clogs can be fixed using a plunger—but you’ll need a toilet plunger (also called a flanged plunger or closet plunger), not a cup plunger. To unclog your toilet, insert the plunger into the toilet bowl at an angle, allowing it to fill with water, and then fit the cup over the drain opening in the bottom of the bowl. From here, push down on the plunger with swift thrusts, creating enough pressure to loosen the obstruction. Most clogs can be removed with five or six thrusts as long as you have a good seal. 
  • How often should you clean your toilet?
  • For sanitary purposes, it’s best to clean a toilet, including the bowl and seat, at least once or twice a week.

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