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Fusion Pro Grout – Review – Kitchen and Bath Renovations

The Fusion Pro Grout- Review.

It’s too thick

It dries too quickly

It leaves residue on tile surfaces

Simply the WORST grout ever made from a professional standpoint. The fact that is mainly sold now at your box stores like Home Depot and Lowes should tell you all you need to know.

There is no other way to explain the continued sales of Fusion Pro grout at these stores other than to allow an inexperienced homeowner to destroy their beautiful new tile with this horrible grout. Yes you will be ripping your tile out at some point in the near future due to this damaging product.

I have been installing tile for 30 years and have used ever brand out there. I know exactly what to do in situations with new products in order to get the best end results. And the best course of action with Fusion Pro grout is throw it in the trash.

I can’t imagine being a novice or a DIY’er and trying to use this product. You WILL FAIL 100 percent guaranteed!!

Here is why:

1) It’s too thick – Many people find fusion pro-grout to be too difficult to work with. This is because fusion pro grout isn’t a thin liquid that’s used to fill cracks. I mean really is that not what we are doing, filling cracks or grout lines? The amount of useless effort to get this spread is ridiculous.

Unfortunately for Customs Building Products their R&D team knew this but they continue to produce this trash.

2) It dries too quickly – The main drawback of Fusion Pro Grout is that it dries too quickly. If you do not maintain a proper consistency while using fusion Pro Grout on the tile, it will dry quicker than you can spread it out and get your float level.

So if you are able to get it spread on the tile you will not be able to get it off completely, EVER!

This would make anyone angry after all the important hard work for a bathroom renovation has been done. this part is for looks. It will totally destroy your investment. DO NOT USE!

3) It leaves residue on tile surfaces – Fusion Pro also has a tendency to leave quite a bit of residue on the surface of some tiles. Also, fusion pro-grout is known to cause some tiles (not all) to become slick.

This is the third most devastating factor. IF you are lucky enough to get it spread on the tile, you better only spread 1 tile at a time!

IF you are able to get what you think is all of it off from the feel.

Now wait for it…..

Step back and admire your horribly hard work, you’ll think you finally got it.

Now look at the tile right along the grout line edges on the tile about 1 inch all around each tile there will be a residue you will never get off!! No matter what you do it will be the ugliest thing ever!!


Fusion Grout has a lot of issues that will really annoy you. It’s possible that Fusion Pro Grout may have been a good product at one point ( NO NOT REALLY) but something happened and fusion Pro Grouts quality went downhill ( THERE AGAIN NO IT’S ALWAYS BEEN A WORTHLESS PRODUCT). I’m not the only one who thinks fusion Pro grout isn’t a good tile grout either – just check out fusion pro grouts reviews online so you can see for yourself!

CUSTOMS BUILDING PRODUCTS is a great company as a whole!

But this is their worst product ever!!!

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