7 Types of Bathroom LED Light Fixtures

There are many LED light types available for your bathroom. They come in various styles, colors and designs. The best thing about these light fixtures is their energy efficiency. Compared to the regular light bulbs, they provide equal amount of lighting with low wattage. Saving electricity as well as money on your utility bills. Let us look into the different type of bathroom LED lights available in the market today.

7 Types of LED Bathroom Light Fixtures:

Bathroom Ceiling and Vanity


Light Bar




Bathroom Ceiling & Vanity LED Lights:

LED lights are perfect for placing over bathroom vanities and ceiling mounted bathroom lighting fixtures. Their energy efficient design which provides bright task lighting throughout the room. These LED lights are available in many different styles. Including pendants, flush mounts, semi-flush mount designs, sconces and canopies depending upon what look you want in your bathroom. With an LED light in your bathroom you’ll be able to create the perfect setting. Whether you need bathroom lights for reading or bathroom lights with dimmer switches. You can create the ideal mood lighting. LED ceiling mounted bathroom fixtures are great for creating task lighting. Even hard to reach places like showers and tubs where downward directed LED lighting is preferred. Pendants are another good option for LED bathroom lights. Providing bright task lighting directly below them while also providing ambient lighting above them. Setting a relaxing tone.

Available in different colors including white, blue, green, red and yellow enabling you to find the right tone. No matter what color scheme you prefer for your home LED lighting.

Complete any LED lighting project with LED light bulbs. Bulbs use a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. Also, last up to 25 times longer.

Around for 50 years but they’ve gotten more efficient and affordable through time . For everyone from home LED lighting shoppers to commercial LED Lighting . Technology enables you to find dimmable LED lights that control on/off functions as well as a variety of other features. Such as multiple colors or pre-set settings. So your room or outdoor setting can change color throughout the day based on your mood need.

With the advancement of technology came three LED lighting options LED Light Bars, LED Strips and LED Panels.

LED Light bars are a series of light fixtures that come in a flat bar shape. Mount on the wall or underneath cabinets

Strip lighting is decorative LED Lights also known as Neon lights. Which have been used for years to decorate walls, cars and other places where smooth lines were ideal.

Panel LED lights are comprised of multiple LEDs that can be mounted flush against each other. Using adhesives or screws depending on the type you choose.

Light bar LED strips and panels not only provide bright white light from an energy-saving standpoint. But they make it possible for you to create a custom look for your business or home. Without having to hire a professional contractor. LED lighting comes in a variety of forms and prices. But one of the best LED light fixtures is LED light bars. Used for many different applications including automotive, marine, recreational vehicle (RV), architectural lighting and residential outdoor use. Lighting professionals who install LED lights to create custom designs love LED light bars. Because they can be cut into any size or shape to fit any design requirement.

When choosing LED lights for your bathroom make sure to keep in mind the color temperature you’d like. Warm white, cool white or daylight. Also, whether or not you would like dimmable features (most led niche lights are dimmable). Also check if they come with drivers (LEDs with “drivers” built in will save you hassle to power them properly. LED drivers are typically 20-100 watts. So make sure you have the appropriate wattage for the LED pieces you choose LED.


LED bathroom lighting has come a long way in recent years. It used to be that you had just one or two choices when it came to the type of light fixture you wanted for your master bath, but now there are seven different types! We’ve covered them all so you can find out which is best for your home and needs. If this article was helpful, share it with friends on social media who might have questions about these fixtures too!

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