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What are the Jaw-dropping Kerdi Shower Seat Designs?

What are the Jaw-dropping Kerdi Shower Seat Designs?
Do you want to create contemporary Kerdi shower seat designs but are short on ideas? Don’t worry; we have 5 Jaw-dropping kerdi shower seat designs ready for you!
Kerdi boards are versatile and can easily be customized to create bench designs. However, you may not find many Kerdi shower seat designs to choose from. So, whether you are planning a DIY project for your bathroom or getting it done by an expert, check out these amazing Kerdi shower seat designs that can give your shower a stunning look. So, let’s get started.


5 jaw-dropping Kerdi Shower Seat Designs


⦁ Floating Shower Seat

Floating shower benches are wall-mounted with no support below, giving it a floating appearance. However, they aren’t just meant for decoration but are very practical. Plus, simple rectangle designs can be trimmed and fit in any size of a walk-in shower. Moreover, you can easily make it by sticking the Kerdi boards to the wall with Kerdi-fix. Then cover it with tiles or granites to give a sleek look.

Kerdi Shower Seat Designs

Source: Pinterest

⦁ Curved Shower Seat

Using a curved shower seat offers a beautiful and stylish design to your bathroom. If you are looking for a unique or daring design, this is for you. Curved Kerdi boards are best suitable for this purpose. You can easily customize them in any shape as per your space requirement. You can now have a trendy shower seat design for your bathroom; otherwise, plain-looking bathroom.

Kerdi shower seat designs

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⦁ Corner Shower Seat

Don’t have much space in your walk-in shower? No problem! Try the readymade Kerdi corner shower benches. You can purchase them from the manufacturer by choosing the given dimensions along with other specifications. If you can’t find the exact match, then customize your own Kerdi and make it into either a floating or built-in corner shower seat.

It is up to you whether you want to use a triangular shower seat as a seating place or for resting toiletries. Either way, it can come in handy and add an edge to your featureless bathroom.

Kerdi shower seat designs


⦁ Step Shower Seat

Take a step ahead and make your Kerdi shower seat also a shelf. A two-step shower seat will not only add depth to your bathroom but also add functionality. It can keep toiletries in your reach, and you can incline for a better bathroom experience.

This design also adds a safety feature for people with mobility issues. People who can’t stand for longer or move much can comfortably sit and have toiletries within their reach.

Kerdi Shower Seat

Source: Schluter

⦁ Oval Shower Seat

Shower seats don’t always have to be rectangular. You can give an elegant design to your walk-in shower by making an oval seat.

This design is also suitable for small walk-in showers. Moreover, it not only offers a sophisticated look but also extra sitting space for you. Once again, using your creativity, you can customize the shape and size of the seat as per your liking and requirements.

Kerdi shower seat designs


Tips for Building Kerdi Shower Seat

⦁ Make sure to measure the bathroom wall to determine bench size.
⦁ Clean the surface before starting the installation.
⦁ Kerdi boards come in different sizes. Sizes from 5 mm to 19 mm are more suitable for bathroom installations.
⦁ To make it waterproof, use the Kerdi band for sealing the edges.
⦁ If you use Kerbi fix or thin mortar to attach the Kerdi bench, allow it to dry before installing.



Now you don’t have to settle on the same boring shower designs anymore. With waterproof and tile-ready Kerdi panels, you can easily install shower seats in your bathroom. Take inspiration from our 5 jaw-dropping Kerdi shower seat designs or customize them even further for a better look!

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