Are Pot Fillers Worth the Extra Cost?

Are you thinking about whether you should add  pot filler to your next renovation or construction project? No doubt, pot fillers are luxurious and fancy. But are they worth the price? Well, the answer to this is “Yes”. The addition of pot filler will not only increase the value of your house. It will also prove helpful in your massive cooking activities.  

In this article, you’ll get to know how a mere addition of pot filler can increase the worth of your house or next project. 

So, let’s just dive in and know more about Are Pot Fillers worth the extra cost?

How Are Pot Fillers Worth the Cost?



You love cooking a big pot of your signature dish for the whole family. But, filling an enormous amount of water in the pot and then transferring it to the stove might seem to be troublesome. In order to reduce this hustle, you can add a pot filler faucet behind your cooktop. 

If you are still wondering how are pot fillers worth the extra cost? Well, it depends upon different factors, such as:

  1. Functionality

Most pot fillers have 180-to-360-degree extendable arms. This allows you to easily adjust the pot filler to different locations according to your requirements. Moreover, you can fold it nicely with the wall when you don’t need it anymore. 

Another positive trait of pot fillers is that you can easily fill up the tall pots or vessels that may not fit under the kitchen faucet. Furthermore, if there are multiple cooks or chefs in the kitchen, then pot fillers can be a great help. 

As the purpose of pot fillers is to fill pot or vessels. Therefore, these are designed to have a higher flow rate as compared to kitchen faucets. 

  1. Save Time

The major problem while filling pots is time. You might have experienced yourself that filling a big pot with water and then moving it to a stove takes plenty of time. An intelligent way to solve this problem is to get pot filler in your kitchen. 

Pot fillers are most convenient for chefs or prominent families. Chefs have to pour massive amounts of water in pots as they always cook. For them, pot fillers will act like an extra arm or a subordinate in such cases. 

  1. Durability

You can find a wide variety of durable and reliable pot fillers. Although, most pot fillers work perfectly for a more extended period. But some pot fillers might get issues like dripping while revolving, leaking at the joints, old water gathering in the fixture while using, and many more. 

The most frustrating trait of pot fillers is that, no matter how costly pot filler you get, a couple of joints will end up leaking in a few weeks. Moreover, accumulating old water in the fixture is also troublesome. But you can solve these issues by flushing the pot filler after every use. It might be a bit annoying, but the pot filler is worth the convenience it provides. 

  1. Adds Trendy Look


Besides the functionalities, pot fillers add a trendy, sleek, and sophisticated look to your kitchen design. You can add it to your countertop or wall of the kitchen. 

Moreover, the addition of pot filler conveys to the visitors that you are actually serious about your cooking equipment. It also gives a luxurious touch to your kitchen interior. With this additional feature, you only have to worry about putting the right ingredients in your signature dish. 

These four factors clearly explain as to how are pot fillers worth the extra cost? Still not convinced? Then keep reading to know the real estate benefit of having pot filler in the kitchen.

Do Pot Fillers Increase Home Value?

Pot fillers are not a “must-have: in your kitchen. But if you are working on a renovation project or starter homes. Then, it is recommended to add pot filler in the kitchen. 

Because the statistics from the 2019 Zillow show that homes with pot fillers were sold at much higher prices than estimated by the owners.

It can be said that Pot fillers look like a luxury to people. This mere reason is enough for the price raise of houses with pot fillers. Moreover, if you don’t want your existing pot filler, you can easily resell it because people love to buy second-hand luxury things. After all, it adds a trendy and rich look to their kitchens. 

If we look through the perspective of homebuyers, they are looking for more luxuries and more functionality at a minimum price. So, a pot filler is considered an element of richness. That’s why homebuyers would ultimately temp to buy the home with stylish pot filler in the kitchen. This mindset results in increasing the value of your homes with a mere addition of pot filler.

Final Thoughts

Pot fillers are not a necessity but merely a luxury. Therefore, if you choose to add this modern feature to your kitchen, make sure that you get the most out of it. In conclusion, the pot filler is a trendy addition, a time-saver, and a kitchen assistant for you. 

If you add to it your next project, it will surely boost the value of that house in the market. But if you are adding it to your kitchen, it will add a value that can’t be measured in money. Schedule a consultation today at Kitchen and Bath Renovations!


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