FAQ – Kerdi Questions and Answers

We know that having a solid understanding of the products you’re installing is key to a successful install. That’s why we’ve put together this FAQ – Kerdi Questions and Answers. Whether you’re a pro looking to bone up on your Kerdi knowledge, or a homeowner curious about what all the fuss is about, we think you’ll find this post helpful. So read on – and if there are any other questions you’d like us to answer, let us know in the comments!

What is Kerdi?

An internationally-recognized system of waterproofing and tiling, designed to protect walls and floors in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Kerdi was developed by Schluter Systems , a North American company specializing in tile installation systems, using Kerdi membrane as their staple product. Kerdi is actually an abbreviation for keramanegi dijital rögarlı (translated: digital water resistant floor). According to the manufacturer’s website, Kerdi now has more than 100 registered trademarked terms along with symbols that are recognized worldwide.

Short Q&A

Are their problems with Kerdi showers?

YES! There are several.

Is the lifetime warranty worth it or are there drawbacks?

YES! There are drawbacks as with any “Lifetime Warranty”!

Does Kerdi require any special skills to install?

NO! Just a basic understanding of how water flows!

Can you use any size tile on a Kerdi shower tray ?


Is Kerdi the best shower system on the market today?

No, while it is a decent product it is mainly well marketed!

FAQs – Kerdi Questions and Answers

Are their problems with Kerdi showers?

Problems associated with Kerdi showers are

Is the lifetime warranty worth it or are there drawbacks?

As a famous movie once said “Oh you want a warranty? Yeah, I can take a box and stamp Warranty on it” if it makes you feel better.

This quote is right from Houzz.com

“The Kerdi system is pretty much bullet-proof if you follow the instructions. If the base is flexing, it’s due to an inadequate subfloor, an improperly set base (no thinset, wrong thinset), if the membrane isn’t adhering to the sloped top of the tray again it’s installer error (wrong thinset, operator error, etc).”

That is exactly how “IF” becomes your problem. All the IF’s in there push the blame on anything other than the company “Schluter”. Paying a lifetime claim is not going to happen, just remember that!

And this quote is from Schluter website :

“In general, modified thin-set mortar is not recommended to set ceramic and stone tile, including large format tiles, over the KERDI membrane. Modified thin-set mortars must dry for the polymers to coalesce and form a hard film in order to gain strength.”

The term “In General and not ‘Recommended” are designed to leave the determination open to the company’s “best interest”.

Does Kerdi require any special skills to install?

If you’ve ever tiled or installed waterproofing system before, then Kerdi would be very familiar. Kerdi is a mortar-based waterproofing system housed in an easy to use roll form. The Kerdi membrane creates a secondary layer of protection while still allowing the tile work to feel like solid tile, not flimsy plastic or cardboard coverings that are often used on top of other products for waterproofing.

While the above statements sound very easy, some of it is misleading. Your shower base will sound hollow because again this is styro-foam wrapped in waterproof matting. Not a solid concrete base.

Your walls will have some flexing if Kerdi board is used because of the same issue. Severe flexing will cause the tile bond to be broken. Resulting in tile falling off the wall.

Kerdi board can be installed by anyone with enough knowledge about their bathroom remodeling project, particularly how the installation will affect the rest of your home improvement plan. If you’re new to tiling projects, Kerdi may present something of a learning curve but Kerdi membrane comes with styro-foam backerboard attached and Kerdi board come pre-spaced for effortless install.

Can you use any size tile on a Kerdi shower tray ?

No it is not “Recommended” (there is that word again) for tile smaller that 2 inches to be installed over a Kerdi shower tray. Kinda of limits your choices for a shower floor.

Problem is if you have purchased this in the beginning, not knowing this, your surely going to install it. Now you fall in the “Generally not recommended” category. SO now no matter how the prep work was done, correct or not, you did not follow the “recommended”.

Is Kerdi the best shower system on the market today?

No there are a lot of good shower systems out today.





All of these done properly by a qualified tile setter will bring you years of lasting joy.

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After reading, you should have a better understanding of what Kerdi is and how it can be used to waterproof your home. We’ve gone over the different kinds of Kerdi products as well as some FAQs kerdi questions and answers that we hope will help with any concerns about this product. If you still need more information on Kerdi before making an informed decision, please contact us for assistance! Our experts are happy to answer all of your questions and give recommendations based on their expertise in the industry. Visit our website at www.kitchenandbathrenovations.com for more information on our services and find out why we’re one-of-a-kind in the Peachtree City, Georgia area!

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