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Can You Use A Steam Mop On Hardwood Floors?

Well, Can You Use A Steam Mop On Hardwood Floors? Are you curious if steam mopping can damage your hardwood floors? Then, you are not alone. One of your primary concerns about hardwood floor cleaning is moisture and heat which can blot, twist, and damage your floor.

Therefore, while buying a steam mop for your hardwood floors, you worry if it is safe. Not only is steam mopping the best solution for cleaning and disinfecting your floors, but it also provides dry steam to protect your floor from moisture.

Therefore, if you are curious about how can you use a steam mop on hardwood floors, keep reading our article.

Quick Note: Can you use a steam mop on hardwood floors? The simple answer is yes. If your hardwood floor is sealed and you are using a dry steam mop. Yes you can successfully clean your hardwood floors by steam mopping.

Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaning Options

  1. Wet Steam Mopping

Some mops provide wet steaming by boiling water at near-boiling temperatures such as around 212-degree Fahrenheit. The steam has suspended water droplets at this temperature, referred to as wet steam.

  1. High-Quality Dry Steam Vapour

These high-quality mops provide dry vapors by heating water at high temperatures like 240 degrees Fahrenheit. The steam consists of very little liquid water at this temperature, and it cleans the floor without wetting it. 

Types Of Hardwood Floor That You Can Steam Clean

Regardless of different types of hardwood floors such as laminate hardwood, vinyl hardwood, or others, the factor that matters the most is its sealing. Provided your hardwood floor is sealed, you can quickly steam mop any type of hardwood floor without damaging it.

How Can You Safely Steam Clean Your Hardwood Floor?

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While steam cleaning your hardwood floor, always look out for these factors to avoid damage to your hardwood floor.

  1. System Warming

Your primary concern regarding hardwood floor cleaning is to avoid building up vapors, water soaking in the floors, and damaging it. To ensure the vapors are dry, use a heated mop. Start with walls or carpets to get the system all warmed up before moving towards the hardwood floor.

  1. Volume Setting 

Keep the volume (pressure) set to the lowest to ensure dry vapors. The lower the pressure, the drier the vapors are. So, adjust the setting to one or two to bring on the hottest and driest vapors to sparkle your floor.

  1. Wrapping Your Floor Brush     

Wrap your floor brush with a terry towel to push the steam towards the floor. It helps clean the floor efficiently by retaining excess moisture. DO not trap steam in the towel as buildup steam can wet the floor and damage it. 

  1. Spot Checking    

Before steam mopping the whole area for the first time, spot-check the little space to see if steam mopping is safe for your floor. This way, you can look if the mop causes any damage, discoloration, or water seeping into the floor, if your floor is not sealed properly.

  1. Commence The Brushing

Start mopping along the grains’ direction of your hardwood floor. Keep the mopping speed slower than your vacuum to clean it effectively in one go. Also, don’t mop at one spot for a long time or leave your heated mop on your floor.

  1. Focus On Tough Spots

If any spots require your attention, provide them in intervals because you can damage your floors with prolonged heating.

Tips To Use A Steam Mop On Hardwood Floor

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Use these tips to steam mop your floor without causing any damage successfully.

  1. Use the Vacuum First

Before you steam mop your floor, make sure to vacuum it first to remove extra dirt and dust. It will provide a clean canvas to a steam mop.

  1. Floor Brush Wrap

Ensure good wrap of your brush to provide even heating to the floor. Moreover, it will absorb moisture from the steam and provide dry heat to the floor.

  1. Use the Right Heat Setting

The mop needs to provide hot and dry steam. Therefore, put on the lowest pressure setting to give the required quality of the steam.

  1. Floor Sealing

Ensure your floor is sealed. The unsealed floor will let the water droplets soak through it and cause damage by molding and bubbling.


To sum it up, you can effectively use a heated steam mop to provide dry steam to clean your sealed hardwood floors. Ensure your mop is all heated up and the floor brush is appropriately covered with a terry towel to ensure dry heating. Last, don’t use it on a single spot for a long time. 

Now that you have read our guide, we are optimistic that your query ‘can you use a steam mop on hardwood floors’ must be solved. 

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