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Best Natural Stone Sealer and Enhancer

Natural stones like marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, and travertine are among the top choices of homeowners when it comes to replacing their countertops and flooring, both indoors and outdoors. Natural stone surfaces have a modern and luxurious aura about them which is why most homeowners invest in these expensive materials for their home upgrade and remodeling projects. Read below for the best natural stone sealer and enhancer protects your investment.

Imagine investing in a super-expensive natural stone countertop for your newly renovated, modern kitchen only to find deep scratches on the surface only after a few days of use. That would be heartbreaking. Natural stone surfaces look exquisitely beautiful, they need extra care and maintenance. Often quoted with natural stone sealer and enhancer.

A natural stone sealer and enhancer is applied as a topcoat that offers protection to the natural stone surface from wear and tear and enhances its appearance. A single coat of a high-quality stone sealer and enhancer can even revitalize the appearance of a natural stone surface that you got a few years ago, which has started to look dull. Most importantly, a natural stone sealer and enhancer enhance the natural beauty of the natural stone. It won’t be wrong to say that a natural stone sealer and enhancer is like a magic potion for natural stone surfaces.

If you’re looking for the best natural stone sealers and enhancers to protect and preserve your newly installed natural stone flooring or countertop, this blog post is just what you need to read.

The Need for Natural Stone Sealer and Enhancer

You may want to know why natural stone surfaces need extra care in the first place. Apart from preserving their natural beauty, why is there a need to seal these surfaces?
Natural stones are porous. Some are more porous than others. Limestone is highly porous, whereas granite is one of the hardest natural stones. The more the porosity of natural stones, the higher are the chances of stains settling in the pores and making the surface appear grim and dirty. Porous in nature, natural stones put these surfaces at a higher risk of water damage. Natural stone surfaces must be coated with a high-quality sealer that keeps stains, water, and dirt from settling in the pores and affecting the aesthetics of these gorgeous, premium stone surfaces.

Best Natural Stone Sealer and Enhancer
Let’s have a look at some of the best natural stone sealers and enhancers available in the market today:

Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Stone Sealer

Black Diamond Sealer

This is one of the best natural stone sealers and enhancers that you’ll find in the market today. It’s suitable to be used on nearly all types of natural stone surfaces. It leaves the natural stone surface looking glossy. Black Diamond Stoneworks Wet Look Stone Sealer protects your natural stone countertop or flooring from water. Also from abrasive chemicals and UV rays that make it suitable to be used on outdoor natural stone surfaces.


  1.    provides a beautiful, glossy finish to the surface
  2.   doesn’t turn yellow with time
  3.   You can use on decorative natural stone surfaces that have been stamped
  4.  You can easily clean excessive sealer with water (it’s water-based itself)
  5.   doesn’t smell bad


⦁ This product isn’t suitable for polished stone surfaces

K.O.R Natural Enrich and Seal

Natural Enrich and Seal From K.O.R. Stone Care Products

If you want to give the natural stone surfaces of your home a natural-looking, everlasting shine, be it your kitchen countertop or living room floor, the K.O.R Natural Enrich and Seal is what you should get. It’s the perfect solution to give life to natural stone surfaces that are exposed to everyday wear and tear. With the K.O.R Natural Enrich and Seal, you can have your stone surfaces looking neat, clean, and as good as new for longer.


  1.   enhances the natural beauty and aesthetics of the natural stone
  2.   makes natural stone surfaces resistant to staining from oil, grime, and food
  3.   serves as an efficient moisture barrier, protecting natural stone surfaces from water-related damage
  4.   UV-stable, which makes it suitable for use on outdoor stone surfaces
  5.   does not form an unnatural glossy film over a natural stone surface but only enhances the original look


⦁ It leaves residue if you don’t clean extra product from the surface

Natural stone sealer and enhancer from K.O.R. Stone Care Products.

Stone Pro – Pro Sealer

Use Pro Sealer by Stone Pro on any natural stone surface. Its solvent features hybrid carrier technology, which makes it the highest-penetrating natural stone sealer. The solvent reaches deep into the natural stone and provides excellent protection and resistance against water and stains.


  1.   equipped with a deep penetrating solvent
  2.   enhances and preserves the natural appearance of your stone surface
  3.   doesn’t streak or leaves a residue that may affect the finish
  4.  safe for use on kitchen countertops where food is prepared. It doesn’t contain any toxic or harmful chemicals.


⦁ It has got a pretty strong smell for a natural stone sealer and enhancer

The Floor Guys Stone and Grout Sealer

Not many of us pay close attention to the grout. We try to preserve the beauty of natural stone tiles but often forget the fact that grout needs equal attention too. If grout becomes dirty, it’ll have a wholesome negative impact. This is where the Floor Guys Stone and Grout Sealer come into the picture. It offers excellent protection to natural stone surfaces and the grout to ensure your natural stone surfaces look beautiful through and through for years to come. It protects your natural stone surfaces from stains, both water and oil-based, like juice, wine, and oil.


  1.   has no odor. You can use it on indoor stone surfaces without worrying about a strong smell filling your home
  2.   preserves and enhances the natural beauty of natural stone
  3.   lasts a very long time


  1.  It’s expensive
  2. Exposure to sharp glass can create non-removable, unsightly residue

Tuff Duck Natural Stone Sealer

Another incredibly promising natural stone sealer and enhancer available in the market today is the Tuff Duck Natural Stone Sealer. It provides superior protection to natural stone surfaces against tough stains, both water, and oil-based. Creating a lasting seal over natural stone surface that ensures the porous natural stone surface isn’t damaged or stained and continues to look as good as new for years to come.


  1.  preserves the natural appearance of natural stone
  2.  doesn’t damage marble surfaces
  3.  is suitable for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces


•It smells bad when it’s drying

Ultra Dry 70 Stone Sealer

Whichever natural stone surface you want to seal, from granite to marble to limestone, the Ultra Dr7 70 Stone Sealer does the job absolutely well! It protects your premium stone surfaces from tough stains of wine, food, coffee, and oil and preserves the natural appearance for many years.


  1.  made from advanced polymers that provide superior, long-lasting protection to natural stone surfaces
  2. You can use it for your natural stone kitchen countertops as it contains no harmful chemicals


⦁ If you leave any excess sealer on the surface, it’ll leave a visible residue


You should rely only on the best natural stone sealer and enhancers. Natural stone doesn’t come cheap, and the only way to protect your investment for a long time is to use the best products for it. You can hire professionals or re-apply a coat of natural stone sealer and enhancer yourself every few months or years – as you feel the need – to keep your natural stone surfaces looking as good as new. Your best bet at keeping your natural stone surfaces looking their best is to rely on the best of the best – K.O.R Natural Enrich and Seal from Kennedy Kitchen and Baths.

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