How To Protect Kitchen Hardwood Floors?

Do you want to save your hardwood kitchen floor from daily wear and tears? What if we say you can sustain the vibrant polish of your fascinating wooden floor for a long time? Yes! Here we’ll tell you how to protect kitchen hardwood floors from daily damages.
There are many amazing ways to save your wooden kitchen floor from various damages. We will tell you 5 ways by which you can protect your kitchen floor from them all. So, let’s go!

5 Ways To Protect Kitchen Hardwood Floors

⦁ Cleanliness Is All

Cleanliness is next to Godliness! If you want your hardwood to remain safe from damages, you must keep it clean. Sweep a mop twice a day, especially at night, to clean out the dust from the day. Or at least do it every day. The dust or debris causes the micro-scratches that kill the looks too early.
If someone drops something on the floor, clean it immediately. Don’t let the stains dry there. The best practice is to keep your vacuum cleaner always ready or keep a rag in reach of your hand. An even better option is keeping a smart Robovac.

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⦁ Use Furniture Pads


It is a method to protect your kitchen floor from scratches. Many people eat breakfast or dine in the kitchen, keeping chairs and tables there. As a result, they make marks on the floor. The hard ends of furniture make the grooves where they place them.
Also, scratches occur when you move any furniture. Reduce this damage by using furniture pads, found easily on Amazon. Put under the furniture legs, and they will reduce the scratches a lot.

⦁ Add Beauty Of Mats And Rugs

Protect kitchen hardwood floors

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What will be more beautiful than a kitchen decorated with rugs and mats? Place mats and rugs in various places where they suit most. But are they only for decoration? No, they also protect the floor from many things.
They will reduce the minor scratches that are made from daily walking. The optimum position is keeping a cotton rug under the dishwasher to absorb all water. Keep all the wet places covered with mats so water can’t damage your precious wood.

⦁ Avoid Spills And Leaks

But keeping the mats at most likely wet places is not all. Water, moisture, humidity, and any liquid are as bad for the wooden floor as termite. Hope you’ve precautions from those parasites too.
Anyway, you must also care about the spills. Try not to spill the water or clean it immediately if it does. Throw a cloth over the liquid and let it absorb all of it. Swipe the surface for the remaining, and try never to let them air dry. Use a hair dryer or blower to evaporate any moisture quickly.

⦁ Monthly Tasks

Bona Protect kitchen hardwood floors

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Lastly, assign yourself monthly tasks like cleaning the floor thoroughly. Although you clean it almost every day, the crevices and other areas like those underneath the furniture are left. For that purpose, you might need to move things around. So, be careful, and again use the paddings.
You can also polish it all the way again. You will need to remove the current polish and apply a new coat. It will not only refresh the appearance but also will repair the scratches. You can do it every 6-8 months. It is not quite often, so, not a frustrating task.


Additional Tips

⦁ You can use melamine laminates to reduce the stains under the fridge.
⦁ Keep checking the fridge or dishwasher’s surroundings for leaking water. If found, clean it ASAP.
⦁ Always use the same wood cleaner while washing the floor. Different cleaners could have different formulas. Exposure to various chemicals could damage the hardwood.
⦁ Avoid moving heavy things as much as possible.
⦁ Try to maintain the humidity inside from 30-50%.


Protecting your kitchen floor is important indeed. It faces wear and tear every day in the form of continuous walking. We’ve given you 5 methods about how to protect kitchen hardwood floors. You can use furniture pads, mats, and rugs. Avoid spills and clean the floor every day. Also, do a thorough cleaning every month, or better if you re-polish it once a year. Hope your kitchen floor will last year with these methods.


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