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How To Install Shower Plumbing Fixtures? 

install shower plumbing fixtures

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If you’ve recently spent thousands of dollars on home improvements, you may be tempted to save a few bucks and install shower plumbing fixtures yourself. 
It’s feasible and budget-friendly, so why not? You need only a few tools and a guide on how to install shower plumbing fixtures. While we take care of the guide, look for tools in your garage that you might need for this DIY project.
Firstly, take the measurements and mark the wall accordingly. Take out your brand-new fixture and read all the instructions. Install the supply elbow to the wall. And with some distance, attach the arm for the showerhead. Now attach both ends of the hose to the supply elbow and showerhead. And lastly, you need to install the trim to the wall, and you are done. 
Now let’s dig a little deeper into what the installation process involves.

Selection Of the Shower Plumbing Fixture

While selecting a shower plumbing fixture, you will have to select the one that will go well with your bathroom. You have to select from several brands, sizes, and designs. 
Likewise, if you are replacing the old one, select one that is compatible with your old faucet.


Preparation Before Installation


Before you start the process, you will have to do prep work like:
⦁ Turn off the water supply.
⦁ Determine and mark the location where you want to install the fixture.
⦁ Read the instructions to know the tools you will need
⦁ If you’re about to replace an old one, clean the area and remove build-up and residue.


Tools Required


We need a few simple tools, such as: 
⦁ Measuring Tape
⦁ Marker
⦁ Screwdrivers
⦁ Channel-lock plier
⦁ Pipe wrench 
⦁ Pipe tape 
⦁ Drill 


Install Shower Plumbing Fixtures – Step By Step Instructions


Step 1: Install The Supply Elbow

install shower plumbing fixture

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It has an o-ring inside, and you can fasten it to the valve on the wall.
It can be hand-tightened but use a wrench for added security.


Step 2: Install The Arm Of The showerhead 

install shower plumbing fixtures


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Now, mark the area on the wall where you have to install it. 
You can mark anywhere depending on the size of the showerhead, the height of the ceiling, and the people who will use it. 
You will need to mark the location of the arm on the wall. Next, you’ll need to drill holes in the wall with a drill machine.
Install the arm carefully on the designated spot and tighten screws with a screwdriver. 
Attach the parts of the arms according to the instructions given. 


Step 3: Attach The Hose

Install Shower Plumbing Fixtures

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Now you need to attach the hose. It comes with a couple of gaskets. One gasket goes into the angle shower, and the other goes into the showerhead side. 
Connect the one end of the hose to the supply elbow. You can do this with a wrench.
The other end of the hose goes to the showerhead side. Secure the hose there as well but do not overtighten it. 


Step 4: Install The Trim

Install shower plumbing fixtures

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The last step includes installing the trim over the valve. To start, remove the plastic cups from the valve.
Now install the backing plate on the wall. You may need to add some adhesive or some screws. The procedure varies based on the faucet. After installation, apply some sealant all around the gasket.
Do all the assembling according to the given instructions and finish off by sliding on the faceplate. The last part includes fitting the handle onto the thread and hand tightening it. Now your faceplate will securely hold to the wall. 


Step 5: Check Your Connections For Any Leaks

Once you are done with your installation, turn on the water supply. Examine closely for any leaks and do the tightening immediately. A small leak can quickly become a mess if you neglect it. Open and close the faucet to see if everything is smooth and running. Now you are all done with installing shower plumbing fixtures.




That was everything you needed to know about how to install a shower plumbing fixture. The process involves installation of the supply elbow, arm of the showerhead to the wall and then attaching the hose to both of them. Finally install the trim and check for leakages. 
Remember to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and you’ll finish the task in no time at all. However, if DIY isn’t your thing, you can always hire a trustworthy professional to do the job for you.

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