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How to Decorate Kitchen Counters?

The kitchen counters are one of the busiest spaces of the kitchen. They are always occupied with dishes, cutting boards, and other cutlery. They may get dirty by oil splashes, cut vegetables, and other eatables. Utilizing this space to make your kitchen look elegant is quite a task. SO, learn how to decorate kitchen counters in this article.

However, we will provide you with easy ideas to make your counters look stylish yet spacious. 

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  1. Free Up Space

To use counters as a decorative space, the first step is to remove unnecessary items. Often our kitchen counters are occupied with cooking pans, sauces, and other utensils. You can place these items in cabinets or over stoves. The accessories like blenders, coffee makers and microwaves can be placed in cabinets or pantry. Take the groceries off the counter and arrange a pantry for them too. 

After freeing up space from your kitchen counters, now comes the interesting part. That is decorating counters to make it look stylish yet functional.

  1. Use Trays 

Trays have become very popular decorative items recently. They come in many shapes and styles. These days wooden and metallic trays are very popular. Instead of placing so many things like salt and pepper jars, butter containers and utensil holders on the counter. Place these items on a wooden tray and place them in a counter corner. It will not only provide space but give aesthetic vibes.

Depending upon the theme of your kitchen you can choose either glass or wooden tray. Wooden tray goes well with the rustic theme. Whereas glass gives more of a contemporary look.

  1. Use Baskets

These days there are beautiful baskets made up of bamboo and plastic. These baskets can be of vital use. You can use them as a utensil holder. Place cutlery and knives in beautiful baskets. They can be used to put spatula sets. Place these baskets on the tray too.

If your kitchen is small in space and doesn’t have many cabinets. You can place beautiful and stylish cup racks and baskets. Use these baskets to place fruits and vegetables.

  1. Use Jars

Instead of using boring and dull jars. These days beautiful glass jars are in trend. You can use beautiful and color-synching jars. Place these jars on the counter and fill them with dry fruits. You can also add a beautiful jar-based coffee corner at your counter.

Additionally, you can also use wooden cutting boards of various shapes and styles. Place these in a standing position on the counter. That will enhance the overall rustic look of your kitchen.

  1. Add Colorful Cookware

One way to make your counter beautiful is to use colorful cookware and utensils. Instead of sticking to plain black or metallic cookware, use various colors. You can make a color theme-based cookware and jars combination. Place this cookware on stoves while jars on the counter.

  1. Add Plants

Indoor plants not only cleanse the air but add aesthetics to your kitchen. Place small indoor plants at your counter to give a lavish green and fresh vibe. Additionally, you can place a vase of fresh flowers on the counter. 

  1. Add Scented Candles

Scented candles are widely used in interior decor. Place a scented table on the kitchen counters to release stress. They provide a relaxing environment. 

  1. Add Paintings or Wall Arts

The walls between the counter and cabinets are often left out. People don’t pay much attention to them. However, you can utilize this space for placing holders and hanging small paints or wall arts. Holders will hold pans and sauces, freeing up the space on the counter. At the same time, wall arts will give an artistic vibe to your kitchen. 

Another important aspect here is, regardless of the items placed on the counter. Your counter will not look stylish if it’s dirty. Use K.O.R Rarefier Cleaner to keep your counter clean and shiny. 


Kitchen counters are tricky to decorate. But with a bit of investment and management, one can make them stylish. We have enlisted a few ideas that you can use to make your kitchen counters look stylish. But there are many more and if you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments section below.

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