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How To Decorate Bathroom Shelves?

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Bathroom shelves aren’t just meant for storage but can be your personal space to display decor. So, if you’re searching for some chic ideas on how to decorate bathroom shelves, we have got you covered. 

Your bathroom doesn’t have to look clinical. You can give texture and character to the bathroom by displaying unique decorations with a dual purpose. Whether you opt for favourite ornaments or choose a specific theme, make sure to choose items that can fit well on your shelves. 

And if you are looking for inspiration, we have gathered some chic decorating ideas that can add flair and practicality to your plain bathroom shelves. 

 6 Chic Ideas To Decorate Bathroom Shelves

  1. Abstract Art

Art is a unique way of expressing personal taste and adds vibrant colours to the minimalist space. Like in other parts of the ho, abstract art can also give life to your plain-looking bathroom. 

Choose whatever art style you like, whether in contrast to your shelves and walls or maybe your own creation. You can let it lean on the wall, add a frame or hang it between the shelves. Either way, it will be a classy addition to your shelf decor. 

  1. Convenient Baskets

Multipurpose baskets are a convenient way to organise your toilet accessories. However, they aren’t just for storing things; rather, display them as a statement piece on your shelves.

Choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes and types of baskets that best suit your styles. Wire or metal baskets give an industrial and vintage look, while traditional rustic baskets give a rustic touch and crochet ones are suitable for Scandinavian spaces.

  1. Scented Candles

Scented Candles are often used around the house for decor and refreshing fragrance. Then why not add them to your bathroom shelves. They are a great way to add ambience and neutralise unpleasant odours to your bathroom. 

We recommend light scented candles like lavender, citrus or vanilla. They won’t be overbearing in a small space like a bathroom and will create a subtle refreshing environment.

  1. Books For Thought

It may sound silly to have books on your bathroom shelves, but they are a perfect addition to your decor. Bathrooms can be more than just makeup or dressing rooms. It can actually be a great thinking room in your house.  

You can also utilise the bathroom shelves for your hobby, especially if you have a love for books. Or else can simply use books under the smaller decor piece for height or as an aesthetic object.

  1. Pretty Jars

Like storage baskets, jars also serve the dual purpose of practicality and decoration. Once again, there is a wide range of pretty jars available to choose from. Glass jars, plastic jars or canisters; you can personalise them as your preference. 

Plus, they come cheap, so we suggest buying plain glass jars and creating your own DIY decorative jars to give your bathroom shelves a personal touch.  

  1. Go Green

Faux plants or real plants, greenery in any part of the house will instantly uplift your environment. They will look pleasing to the eyes and bring tranquillity and create spa-like feelings in the bathroom.

Place a potted plant or silk flowers in a vase on your bathroom shelves to bring it to life. If you have natural light in your bathroom, real plants will also be a great addition to the natural decor.  

Trick To Decorate Bathroom Shelves

  • Determine the size and height of your shelves before buying any decoration.
  • Start by placing taller items first to fill the gaps in between with smaller items.
  • Group smaller and similar items like canisters together to save space and create a cohesive look
  • Add a visual to the decor by placing different texture decor on either side of the shelf, like ceramic canisters with photo frames.  
  • Keep the storage baskets or canisters on the lower shelves, so they are easily accessible.


Bathrooms are a safe refuge where you can relax and revitalize. You can make your bathroom more welcoming and soothing with some ingenious yet budget-friendly additions. With these chic ideas on how to decorate bathroom shelves, you can now create more space in your bathroom all while making it extravagant or classy as per your liking. 

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