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How To Decorate With Bathroom Towels  

Create an inviting and alluring bathroom by following our creative ideas on how to decorate with bathroom towels. Ever wonder how bathroom towels look so elegant at hotels? You can also give a classy look to your bathroom towels and have guests gushing over. Get inspiration from our ideas and learn how to decorate with bathroom towels, all on a budget. 

7 Stylish Ideas To Decorate With Bathroom Towels


⦁ Creative Folding techniques


Folded towels will not only give a crisp and tidy look but also will give a fancy hotel-like feel to your bathroom. Your folding technique will depend on storage and display.

One creative yet easy folding technique is the classic hotel fold. Spread the towel on the floor and fold both long ends in the middle. Then fold the short ends, leaving a gap in the middle. Lastly, pick one end to cover it over the other to create a beautifully folded towel.

Another method is towel bar folding. This method will let you quickly grab and drape the towel from the bar. First, fold the towel in the thirds lengthwise. Finally, fold in half and bring the short ends towards the center.   
Rolled towel method is also a stylish way to display your towels and at the same time reduce the wear and tear caused by the towel bar. To achieve this shape, fold the towel in half lengthwise. Then in half widthwise, meeting the short ends together. In the end, fold widthwise once again for a wide, flat fold.

⦁ Decorative Ribbon & Tassels


Why have plain looking towels when you can decorate them with ribbon and tassels? It is a cheap yet interesting way of decorating towels to make them look lavish.
You can either color coordinate your towels with ribbons or tassels or have fun experimenting with different patterns. Using two different colored towels like blue and white to decorate the rack can also add texture and depth to your bathroom.

⦁ Ladder Rack


One of the common ways of displaying a towel is on the bars. You can go one step ahead and try ladder racks. Ladder racks are the contemporary shelves suitable for displaying decoration, accessories and they can even come in handy for hanging towels. They give a sleek look to your bathroom plus meet the requirement of keeping your towels neat and tidy. 

⦁ Storage basket


You can use storage baskets for multiple purposes, and storing your towels is one of them. Storage baskets also come cheap, yet they give your towels a sophisticated and organized look.
Fold the towels in squares, rectangles or rolls to place them in neat arrangements. You can choose any kind of basket, be it seagrass or metal baskets, to give a luxurious resort-like feel. Plus, they can save space; you can both place them on or under the sink and even create DIY basket shelves.

⦁ Towel rings 


It’s alright if you don’t have much space for ladder racks or find folding towels time-consuming. Stylish towel rings can be used as wall-mounted hangers for hand towels. They work well with floating sinks or pedestals and keep towels within reach. Put them in the guest bathroom to show off your decorative hand towel collection.

⦁ Floating shelves


Floating shelves work best for stacking towels, especially if you have large bath towels or multiple personal towels for your family members. It can give a beautiful visual and contrast to your towels with the colorful wall. Also, the open shelf will quickly let you grab towels and other accessories in a busy morning routine.

⦁ Guest basket


As the name suggests, you can prepare special towel baskets for your guests to give them a warm welcome.  You can fold the towels in rolls and couple them with other personalized toilet accessories, giving them a graceful look. Try to be creative and use a punchbowl, platter or box for hand towels or washcloths. 



We have shared some amazing ideas on how to decorate with towels for your bathroom so you can make a lasting impression on your staying guests. All you need is your imagination and a few budget-friendly items along with towels to upscale your bathroom. Whether you’re the proud owner of a newly renovated bathroom or just looking for some new and unique ideas, we hope this article has given you plenty to think about. The last word on towel decoration is up to you, but hopefully these tips will bring your decorating skills to another level!

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