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How To Replace Bathroom Vanity Top with Granite In 6 Simple Steps?

replace bathroom vanity top with granite

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Does your old vanity top look like a trainwreck? Do you want to replace it with a granite top but don’t know how? Then you’ve landed on a comprehensive guide that can solve your problem. Here, we will tell you how to replace bathroom vanity top with granite, and it is almost a DIY project.
People fantasize about fitting a vanity top that only professionals can do. Although they know the job better, you can also do it yourself with probably one more hand (from a friend or family). Read this guide carefully and save the money you will spend to hire an expert.


Things You Will Need

⦁ A notepad and pencil
⦁ Measuring tape
⦁ Wrench
⦁ Safety knife
⦁ Crowbar (optional)
⦁ Screwdrivers (optional)
⦁ Your granite vanity top
⦁ Silicon gun




Step 1: Remove All Connections

First, take a wrench and remove faucet connections. You also need to remove them from the top. Ensure you have closed the main valve through which water flows to your bathroom.


Step 2: Remove Your Old Vanity Top


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Now take a razor knife and remove the silicon lining or any other adhesive. Be careful while dealing with this task, as you might hurt yourself from any jerk. There could also be some screws underneath that you will need to remove to proceed.
When you are satisfied with clearing all the silicon coating and screws, lift off your old vanity top. If it is made of any heavy material like marble or stone, you will require some help. Take a crowbar to displace it off the walls. It will be heavy (depending on the size), so you might need a hand or two from any of your family members or friends.


Step 3: Take The Measurements

Note down the width and length of the vanity. Also, note down the sink’s diameter and mention its position in the slab. Take the reading accurately, as you won’t want any gap between the wall and the granite top. Once you get them all, provide your granite provider with these readings.


Step 4: Install The Granite Top

Replace Bathroom vanity top with granite

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When you get your slab, time to install it. You may need assistance from someone again. Handle the top carefully if it is big enough. If you don’t support it better, it might break due to its weight. Adjust it against the wall without any gap.


Step 5: Apply Silicon

Home Depot replace bathroom vanity top with granite

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Once you are satisfied with the dry fitting, it’s time to seal the fitting. Take a silicone gun and run it along with the underside junction points of granite and wood. Swipe your finger when finished (if you may) to give it a clean look.
It is also the time to join your sink. If you got one fitted from underneath, apply the silicon on the edges and fit it from inside. Support the fresh adhesive with some planks to hold the sink there for a day. This time is enough for the silicon to dry up. Then remove the planks and again run this gun along the edges for complete sticking.


Step 6: Connect All Water Supplies

The last thing is reconnecting all the water pipelines in the new top. Take your faucets and wrench and reconnect all the joints. It would be better to check the water running after you finish.


Helpful Tips

⦁ You can use caulk on the edges of the vanity top to completely seal it to the wall.
⦁ Handle your granite piece vertically. It reduces the chance of breaking it.
⦁ Don’t apply too much pressure while removing the old one, as it can break the top if you miss something. Hold on a second if it is not moving and identify the problem (might be any unscrewed bolt).
⦁ Always keep someone nearby so that you can call him immediately for help.



Granite vanity tops are so elegant in looks. They also provide a glossy finish and a strong top. So, you can replace your old top with them, all by yourself. We’ve told you how to replace bathroom vanity top with granite. Remove the connections and your old top. Take the measurements and hand them over to your granite provider. Adjust your new granite vanity top on the cabinets and then seal it in place with silicon. That’s It!


If you run into any difficulties, when you Replace Bathroom Vanity Top with Granite please drop us a line below.

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