How to Replace a Bathroom Light Fixture?

One of the easiest ways to update your bathroom interior is to replace your old light fixture with a new one, giving a more aesthetic and modern look. Replacing a bathroom light fixture is a clear-cut and quick process because the wires are already placed where they are required.

Replace a bathroom light fixture

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All you need to do is remove some screws, disconnect wires of the old fixture and then reverse this process to install the new bathroom light fixture. In this article, you will get detailed know-how on how to replace a bathroom light fixture? So, let’s get started!

Initial Preparation

Before getting started with the electrical part of this project, observe the old light fixture – measure the width of the old light fixture and check its illumination. If your old one has two bulbs and doesn’t offer much illumination. Then, consider buying a new one with more bulbs. The measurements of old light fixtures come in handy while choosing a new one.

Once you have bought a new light fixture, open the package. Read the instructions manual to ensure you have the necessary tools for your replacement process. Now, let’s dig into the main procedure!

Steps to Remove Old Light Fixture

Before installing your newly bought light fixture, you must remove the old one. Here are some simple steps to easily remove your outdated bathroom light fixture!

⦁ Turn Off the Power

Check your electrical circuit to find the circuit breaker control for your bathroom. Turn it off and verify afterward with a circuit tester. This step is necessary to avoid any electrical accident.

Replace a bathroom Light Fixture

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⦁ Get the Tools

After you have turned off the circuit breaker for the bathroom, get your toolbox. You won’t require many complex tools for this procedure – a screwdriver and tester would be enough.

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replace a bathroom light fixture

⦁ Remove the Old Light Fixture

You might be thinking of it as some complex math problem to remove the old light fixture. But it just requires you to remove the screws of the old fixture. Uninstall the old wire connectors and untwist the wires. And that’s it!

Installing New Light Fixture

Replace a bathroom light fixture

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Here’s the easiest way to install a new bathroom light fixture.

⦁ Tighten the Screws

You might see an electrical box where your old fixture was installed. If the box seems loose, tight its screws to keep it in its place. Avoid overtightening the box. Ensure that your new light fixture is in correspondence with the electrical box. Otherwise, you need to buy the new one compatible with a new fixture.

⦁ Connect the Wires

Now, pick the instruction manual for the new light fixture. And connect its wires with the electrical box as illustrated in the manual. A typical rule of these wires is hidden in their colors. The Black one is connected to the black wire from the electric box. Similar is the case with red or green ones.

⦁ Secure the Base

Adjust the wires in the baser canopy of the light fixture. Use a screwdriver or mentioned hardware to attach the fixture’s canopy or base to the electrical box. Ensure that base is secured properly to the electrical box.

⦁ Install the Bulbs

Now, install the required number of bulbs in your new light fixture. Then, turn the fixture on. If bulbs from the light fixture don’t illuminate, check the wiring and installment of the bulbs again.

⦁ Final Touch

Now that you’ve done installing the light fixture and bulbs. Install the trim and cover that came with your light fixture. If you have a pendant-like light fixture, adjust the chains’ length according to your requirements.


Modernizing your old bathroom is a great step towards home improvement. Follow our step-by-step guide on “how to replace a bathroom fixture” and brighten your bathroom with new lights.

Replacing a light fixture is a straightforward and quick process. You just need to remove some screws, untwist wires, remove the old one and undo the process to install a new light fixture.

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