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How to Install Kitchen Base cabinet’s

You can configure your kitchen cabinets if you’re working handy with the do-it-yourself projects, but ensure you have all the resources and equipment you need and a strong assistant before you start.

Be conscious that many suppliers offer an installation either by their staff or through independent installers if this work appears a little too complex. Request estimates and references when you purchase your cabinets. The task usually gets a little smoother when you hire an installer who knows the product you are buying. Sue for references from the installer. Another option is to install the case and hire a carpenter or cabinet installer for the trickiest assembly and adjustment of doors and drawers, as well as for exceptional trimming work.

The installation of new kitchen compartments does not necessarily need an employee — but it takes a good deal of skills and available tools. The key is to perfectly flat and feathery all the arrays — otherwise, the displays may look rugged, doors and cabinets may not connect correctly, and equipment may not fit properly. For the lifting and holding of cabinets, you will require at least one helper.

Steps to Install Base Cabinets of Kitchen:

It’s time to install the cabinets once you remove old units, disconnect the power and water supply, and put the first layer of paint on the walls and floors. Fortunately, base cabinets can be fitted relatively easily.

Step 1:

Use a spirit to draw a longitudinal framework on the wall, where the upper part of the kitchen cabinets with the legs are placed. Try to align them to a slick finish using existing devices.

measure size


Step 2:

Relocate the gathered cabinets into place starting from the corner units. Turn each unit’s legs until they align themselves with the wall guideline. Make sure the kitchen cabinets are all horizontal. Utilize your spirit level for this purpose.

base cabinet


Step 3:

Units get attached with the help of clamps.  Then driller through one of the walls of the cabinet and into the next (not entirely through) between the two holes (As a guide, use a measuring tape around the drill.) Then toss together the units. You could use kitchen cabinet bolts for secure fixing, which you can buy separately.



Step 4:

Place any corner posts needed to hide the gap where two shelves meet in a corner. Follow the directions in the cabinet to exactly know how the posts can be fixed.

cabinet corner


Step 5:

You have to secure the kitchen base cabinets with brackets on the wall for each unit once all the cabinets are connected. Begin with the placement of the drill on the wall and draw makings with a pencil. Before drilling into the wall, make sure to check for pipes or cables. Always use wall attachments that are appropriate for your type of wall. Try to slightly angle the screws down to keep the rear edge of the cabinet easy to access.

kitchen base cabinet with brackets

Now hang the cabinets, fix all drawers and doors.


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