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How To Install Bathroom Vanity Top?

Are you looking to give your bathroom a new look? Why not install bathroom vanity top? Do you know how to? If not, then no worries, we can help you out. Installing a new vanity top is the best way to spark things up in the bathroom. Most people opt for doing the task themselves to cut back on labor costs.  

However, if you’re a newbie, you may find the task daunting. You might want to give up, abandon your tools, and call in the plumber when you feel like the job is too tough for you. However, there’s no need to. In this article, we’ll be talking about how to install bathroom
 vanity top. So, keep reading.

Install Bathroom Vanity Top

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Here is a list of material you will need for the job:

⦁ Stud finder
⦁ Cordless drill
⦁ Blade/knife
⦁ Silicone scraper
⦁ Clean cloth 
⦁ Level
⦁ Measuring Tape 
⦁ Chisel
⦁ Pad Sander
⦁ Silicone Caulk
⦁ Screwdriver

Things To Take Care Of Before you Install Bathroom Vanity Top

Before you go about installing your new vanity top, you need to make sure that the measurements for the new one are the same as the old one. 
For this purpose, take out your measuring tape and note down the length and the width of the old vanity top. If you have more space available, you may go for a larger top, but the best route is to stick to the original dimensions. 


Steps For Installing Vanity Top 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install bathroom vanity top. 


Step 1: Disconnecting The Drainage 

The first step is disconnecting the drainage. Start by turning off the water supply valves and opening the faucet to relieve pressure. You can now unhook the pop-up stopper and disengage it from the lever with that done.

After that, disassemble the drain P-trap by removing the compression nuts. Once it is free, pull it down and let it tip into a bucket. The last step in disengaging the drainage is unscrewing the faucet hoses from the shutoff valves.

Install Bathroom vanity Top

Step 2: Cut The Caulk

Next up, you need to cut through the caulk. It’s around the edges of the top that lie along the wall. A small utility knife is more than enough for the job. While doing so, make sure not to damage the drywall too much. 

Step 3: Placing The New Top

Once you have cut through the caulk, you’ll find some excess caulk still attached to the wall. You can either use a chisel to remove it or opt for sanding it down with a pad sander. 
When the wall is all clean, you may position the new vanity top in place. Then, fix it into place by drilling in the screw at the appropriate places. 

Step 4: Sealing The Edges

When you are done with the screws, move on to sealing the edge of the top. Simply run some silicone caulk in the gap. When you are sure you have filled in all the edges, leave the top and allow it to get set for a few hours.

  silicone o install bathroom vanity top

Step 5: Reconnecting The Drainage 

Now that your vanity top is in place, all that’s left is reconnecting the drainage. You simply have to go through the steps in reverse. Screw the tailpiece back in place and then reconnect the P-trap to the tailpiece as well as the waste outlet.  Finish off the job by screwing the faucet supply back with the shutoff valves. Turn on the valves, and you are done. 

Additional Tips For The Job

While the above guide aptly describes the installation process, here are a few tips to further help you out. 

⦁ Before applying silicone, make sure all the surfaces are clean. You can use Methylated spirit and a clean cloth to remove any dirt.  
⦁ Once you are done with the installation process, allow the water to run through the faucet and check for leaks. 
⦁ To smooth out the sealant, you can use a spatula dipped in detergent water. 


There’s no better way to give your bathroom a new look than installing a new vanity top. Fortunately, the process is super simple without requiring you to hire outside help
The simple steps to install vanity top include disconnecting the drainage and then cutting around the caulk. Once you’ve sanded down the excess caulk, you can position the new vanity into place and screw it in. Finish it off by applying the sealant and reconnecting the drainage. 
Now that you know how to install bathroom vanity top, what are you waiting for? Grab your tools and get started right now!

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