How to Install a Backer Board in the Shower?

All marble and stone projects require the use of a cement backer for moist implementations, as its thinnest mortar is a combination of cementite that is intended to be bonded to the next plaster exterior. Even though marble could be configured in acrylic or on the upper edge of plasterboard, with bathrooms, there is a continuous existence of humidity, which the mortarboard helps to soak up over time, instead of enabling the timber to permeate wall screws and ultimately to fester out the houses. It is implemented with an insulation material that provides the executed projects with a moisture-resistant layer.

white pvc board
Expert installing white PVC Ceiling Boards with screw gun

Make the Necessary Cuts:

Choose a flat surface to rank the equipment, and then chew to split itself apart. Make massive cutbacks with a curved saw. You might use a masonry bit motor to make drill bits – like concentric spheres, and after that, strike it with a hammer.

Install the First Sheet:

Install the very first layer above the concrete bed. The rough or stenciled texture of the piece of paper should be shaped, as appropriate. Enable a chasm of 1/4-inch between corners of the layers and all the exterior siding. Use a drill-driver to attach the sheet with concrete floor bolts, ensuring that the rivets are clogged up with the surface of the material. Space the bolts 8 inches away throughout the sheet.

install white sheet
Installing white PVC Ceiling Boards

Install the Remaining Sheets:

Proceed to implement sheets to fill the entire floor space. Make sure to counteract the joints between concrete surfaces and the underside and to separate the sheets of the concrete surfaces by 1/4 inch. Blend new shells only as necessary to protect them from rinsing if you’re using them.

Tape and Mud the Joints:

Implement the combined tape of the concrete surfaces to most of the joint surfaces in between layers, strict adherence to the glue, including its peer support. Combine more fine-grained mortar and fill the taped tendons with a fine coating, using a wallboard blade related to mud bogging drywall joints.

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