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How To Fix Squeaky Hardwood Floors?

How To Fix Squeaky Hardwood Floors?
Are you struggling with a squeaky hardwood floor that has disturbed your peace? Are your neighbors complaining about the noise that it’s making? It might be quite troublesome for you and your family’s peace. Is it time for you to fix squeaky hardwood flooring with new hardwood flooring but are reluctant because you are afraid of the process involved?

Well, you’re not alone. It is a daunting task even for those who have done it before. If you are looking for a bit of relief and would like to save some money in the process, then you’ve come to the right place.

Stick with this step-to-step guide of how to fix squeaky hardwood floors till the end and fix your squeaky floor on your own. 

⦁ Fill The Gaps 


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Use good quality wood filler that matches the finish of the flooring. And fill all visible gaps between boards, paying special attention to areas where two planks meet. If the gaps are wide enough for a coin to fit through, they will cause squeaking.

  1. Place The Shim Between Subfloor And Joist

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Place a thin piece of plywood or another dense material, such as cork or dense foam, under the subfloor before laying down your hardwood floors. It will provide extra support and eliminate any squeaks caused by unevenness in your floor joists. You can also try placing a few shims between the floor joists and the subfloor.

  1. Use Glue To Adjust The Shims

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If you used a wooden shim to close a gap caused by an uneven floor joist, glue it into place once you correctly position it. If possible, use a construction adhesive rather than wood glue for greater strength and water resistance. Once dry, cover the area with paintable caulking or another suitable sealant to prevent air from entering the space again in the future.

  1. Reinforcing 
  1. Use steel brackets to add reinforcement under your subfloor. When squeaking is caused by movement in the joists themselves, these brackets are much stronger than wood and will increase the rigidity of your subfloor. You can also use a mixture of glue and construction adhesive under these brackets for extra strength.     
  1. Measure The Length

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It is important to measure the length between joints in your hardwood floors to ensure that the boards are long enough before you cut them to adjust them into the floor. If they are too short, they may warp or snap over time, causing more noise as you walk across them..

  1. Use Construction Adhesive
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    Once all of the squeaks between floor joists have been fixed, it’s time to glue down the planks themselves. So that your floor is completely free from squeaking or creaking, use construction adhesive to fix the board, which is stronger than wood glue and can stand up to repeated movement…
  1. Adjust The Blocks 
  1. The last step in fixing squeaky hardwood floors is reinstalling the flooring blocks that have come loose. Tap into place with a hammer or mallet until they are secure again. Then give all of the joints between planks another thorough clean before you paint the entire subfloor with an oil-based primer so that it looks great when your job is finished!
    5 Tips and Tricks to Fix Squeaky Wood Floor
    Squeaky wooden floors can be a constant irritation and really should be addressed as soon as possible. You can eliminate the annoying noise by following these simple tricks.

1) Determine the source of your floor squeaks

2) Adjust your home’s humidity

3) Fill gaps in the floorboards

4) Add a moisture barrier to the subfloor to prevent floor flexing

5) Lubricate squeaky areas


The sound of squeaky hardwood floors is one that no homeowner wants to experience. Fixing your squeaky hardwood floors is a straightforward and simple process, but it does require you to be committed and patient. 
We have included a step-by-step guide on the process of how to fix a squeaky hardwood floor, along with pictures, to help you overcome this home repair nightmare. The tools, parts, and materials for the project are affordable and easily accessible. You can use the instructions in this post to repair your squeaky floor again in the future.

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