Don’t Know Which Under Cabinet Lighting To Buy? Here’s The Guide

Do you want to buy under cabinet lighting but don’t know How to choose the best under cabinet lighting? Or like, are you having difficulty in choosing highly efficient and durable under cabinet lighting? Well, we have got your back. 
We understand that making a good decision on investing in the correct type of lighting can occasionally be difficult. 
The good news is that we are here to help you make the best decision for your needs. In this article, we will provide you with tips on choosing the best under cabinet lighting for your home. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Types Of Under Cabinet Lighting

There are many types of under cabinet lighting to choose from, but the most popular types are Puck Light, Bar Light, and Tape Light. Let’s have a quick look.


Puck Light

These lights are made of colorless glass globes with a bright light inside. They come in different shapes and sizes. But the most common is about three-quarters of an inch thick and two inches across. Puck lights may create ambient lighting under cabinets. But they often highlight other objects on the countertop, like artwork or dishes.

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Bar Light 

For those who want their under-cabinet lighting to be a little more decorative than the Puck Light, there’s always the option of bar lights. Bar lights are long tube-shaped lights in either 3-foot or 5-foot lengths. It features an adhesive backing for easy installation. The length of each bar allows them to stretch across multiple cabinets.

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Tape Light 

Tape lights are made up of small LED light bulbs encased in a flexible plastic sheath. The adhesive strip on the back of the tape allows it to be easily attached to most surfaces and cut the lights to any desired length. They come in various colors, although white is the most popular.
Tape lights are often used to create ambient lighting under cabinets or over the Everleigh bathroom vanity to add more glimpses. 

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How To Choose The Under Cabinet Lighting?

How to choose the best under cabinet lighting? It is a common question that people ask. It would help if you considered the following factors when choosing the best under cabinet lighting for your kitchen.

  1.     Voltage
  1. First and foremost, you need to consider the voltage requirement. The rule of thumb here is that you require one amp in amperage for every 100 watts in wattage. So if your light fixture requires 100 watts of power, you should set your circuit breaker to accommodate 20 amps or higher. That way, it will not overload nor leave any power unused. 
  1.     Wattage
  1. Secondly, you have to consider the wattage rating of each light bulb that goes with the cordless under cabinet lighting system. Some models only go up to 50 watts, while others are capable of 150 watts or more.
    Having a lower watt rating may be an issue for larger rooms. It is because there could be dark spots on the wall that would have been perfect places for the light-emitting diodes.


  1.     Length
  1. You must get a cordless under cabinet lighting system that is just the right size for your needs in terms of length. If you have too much space to work with, going for a longer cord could be an option. 
    But if not, then going for something shorter would mean you’ll have unused power! Make sure it fits perfectly or gets a bit creative and install multiple systems together. 
  1.     Available Space
  1. If you have a lot of available space on your countertop, then opting for puck lights would be a good idea because they can brighten up the area. Tape lights are perfect for tight spaces because they’re thin and easily hidden behind cabinets or appliances.
  1. Brightness 
  1. Now, think about how much brightness you need in your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting provides focused lighting rather than general illumination. People love Task Lighting because they can see what they’re doing, and it saves them time when cooking or cleaning up!
  1. Beam Angle 
  1. The beam angle of the cordless under cabinet lighting is also a key factor in determining which one would work best for you. Narrow beams provide better illumination but could create shadows around objects.

Wide beams do not have such an issue, but the light could scatter too far, so there’s a risk of wasting energy output. Medium-angle beams score well in energy efficiency, but they might not be as bright as the other two, so the type does lack directional light output.

Making A Decision On Which Type To Pick 

There are many different types of best under cabinet lighting to pick from. You will need to decide which type is best for your needs. There are some factors like space, style, and color that need to be considered when making your decision. 
The Under-cabinet lighting comes in various sizes, so make sure to measure the space you have available before you purchase one. You don’t want to pick a cabinet that is too large or too small for your needs.
It is important to consider all of your needs when making your decision on how to choose the best under cabinet lighting. Make sure to consider all the above-mentioned factors to figure out what’s best for you. 



Changing the lighting in a room can alter its mood and atmosphere. If you’re looking to create a more relaxing ambience, try adding subtle under-cabinet LED lights. So, they have an indirect glow on your wall or ceiling. You could also add these LEDs closer to your desk for reading purposes.
As you can see, there are many different ways to choose under cabinet lighting for your kitchen. We have given you some tips on How to choose the best under cabinet lighting and what type of lights work best in certain scenarios. Hopefully, this has helped clear up all the confusion about the process!

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