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How to Decorate Open Kitchen Shelves

Are you considering adding open kitchen shelves to your home, but aren’t sure where to start? This blog post will give you tips on how to decorate open kitchen shelves and make them a focal point in your home. We’ll also show you some examples of beautiful kitchens with open shelving. Do you want to give your kitchen shelves YOUR touch and decorate them elegantly? You never want to stick to current boring looks. So, if you are browsing for some fantastic ideas, your search is over. We’ll tell you how to decorate open kitchen shelves.

10 Interesting Ways To Decorate Open Kitchen Shelves

⦁ Combine The Colors

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You can make combinations of colors on your shelves. They could be contrasting or in matching tones. You can also make a collection of monochrome plates or dual colored. Play with the combinations and find what suits the background and surroundings best. You can do the same with the cups and other dishes. Take out your best dish sets and put them on display.

⦁ Mix Your Utensils

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And don’t just put plates with other plates. Cups have not signed a contract to store them only with mugs—mix different crockery and utensils. If you store some plates, put a pan or a bowl there. Different pots will also serve the purpose. Also, make a mix of different materials. There could be ceramic, steel, wood, plastic, and others all in one place.

⦁ Contrast In Sizes

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Then you can also make a stock market chart. No, we’re not talking business. You need to arrange things in different sizes and organize them in a flow. You can place taller things on one end, gradually downsizing. Or mix the sizes like placing small-sized things between medium and tall things. The viewer’s eyes should wave when they hover over your kitchen shelves.

⦁ Hang Some Things

But the open shelves don’t only mean you can store things on the top. Get a bar with hooks or drill some hook on the underside and hang some most-used utensils there. They will look good there. They will also always be in your hand’s reach, rather than taking them out from cabinets every time. But utensils are not the only thing. You can broaden this method with other hangable.

⦁ Put  Jars To Display

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You also have jars of different spices, in different colors, don’t you? So, why are they in the cabinets? Put them on the display. The mix of various colors will enhance your shelves’ looks, and you won’t need to open the cabinets every time. Here is another way, put some colorful sand or pebbles in varying-sized jars and place them there.

⦁ How About A Photo Frame?

Your kitchen shelves are not only the pots territory. Now we are going out of the box in ideas and ways of decoration. You can also use your beloved one’s photos on the shelves. Get a small photo frame and fit your family photo in it. It will always be in front of your eyes when you work there. Adorable tip?

⦁ Use Some Decoration Pieces

You can even take a couple of decoration pieces and put them there. Well, that’s what they are for. You can have different options for decoration pieces. You can keep books, showpieces, antiques, artworks, your child’s best invention, or your miniature model.

⦁ Plants Are Always An Option

Then there comes the plants, the evergreen option for decorations. You can buy (or grow) small pots and place them there. The best way is to keep a bonsai tree (or its plastic model). They will look great and provide elegance to the shelves.

Style Your Way

You can even play with the arrangements. These are your shelves, so do what you like and how you want them. You can stack the plates or keep them over the pots. You can even make a pyramid of mugs (but you should be careful with them).

⦁ Make It Seasonal

Another amazing idea is to make your shelves updated throughout the year. Like you can color some eggs there for easter or put some skeletons for Halloween. Place different things according to different times in the year and occasions. It will keep you entertained and keep them new every month.


In this post, we’ve given you a few ideas on how to decorate your open kitchen shelves and make them a focal point in your home. We hope these tips will help you feel confident about designing the perfect space that suits your needs! If you need any more information or want some professional advice from our team of experts, just let us know. Our passion is helping homeowners create beautiful spaces that work for their lifestyle so they can live an authentic life that reflects who they are inside and out. Whether it’s planning renovations with the latest trends in mind or creating fresh new designs tailored to each homeowner’s tastes, Kitchen & Bath Renovations wants nothing but the best for all its clients—and we think finding unique ways is most appealing!!

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