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How To Change A Bathroom Light Fixture?

Renovating a bathroom requires much effort, from changing tiles, wallpapers, toiletries to changing light fixtures. You may need a professional for most of these, but you can change a bathroom light fixture by following a few simple steps.

In this article, we will let you know how to change a bathroom light fixture without the hassle of calling an electrician. 

Cut off Electric Supply

The first and foremost step is your safety. So, before starting this process, make sure to cut off the electric supply. As the junction box at the back of the fixture involves wiring. This wiring could harm you in an electric shock. 

Remove Lights/Domes

Once you switch off the electric supply, remove all the lights or dome attached to the light fixture. It is so important because you may damage or break any light in the process of changing. It will not only damage light but can harm you too. 

Be very careful and delicate while removing these lights. Check whether they have screw holders or unscrew. For unscrew, holders don’t apply much pressure, as you may break the holder or light. 

Unscrew the fixture

When the lights and domes are removed safely from the fixture, now comes the next step. That is removing bathroom light fixtures from the wall. You can use a nut driver or wrench, depending upon the type of screws. If the screws are small to medium, go for a nut driver. If they are large in size, use a wrench. 

Here you may need help from a buddy or partner. Often bathroom light fixture is long in shape and may require extra handling. One person will unscrew the fixture, while another person will hold it in place to avoid any damage. In the case of a single and small bathroom light fixture, you alone can do the task. 

Remove Wiring from Junction Box

Once the fixture is unfastened from the wall, you will encounter the junction box fixed in the wall. It will have wirings coming out connected to the bathroom light fixture. There are three wires, mainly ground and two connecting wires. The ground is usually white, while the other two are red and black. 

Check very carefully how the wires are connecting to the fixture. Once you are sure about the connection. Remove the protective yellow cap over the connection. Now unwind the main supply wires from the bathroom light fixture wires. Once all three wires are disconnected, the bathroom light fixture is suitable to remove.

Here again, you need help from another person. While removing wires, the other person will hold a light fixture in its place. 

Connect Wiring of New Fixture

Till now, you have safely removed the old bathroom light fixture. Now unbox the new one, and read the manual. Usually, they have similar installation methods until it has some fancy part that needs extra attention. Once done reading, follow the steps below:

  • Take the light fixture and align it on the wall to check whether it’s level or not.
  • Now take the wiring of the bathroom light fixture and connect it to the wiring of the junction box
  • Once the wiring is done, attach a protective cap over the connection

And obviously, here again, it’s a two-person job. One connects the wiring, and the other holds the bathroom light fixture. 

Screw the Fixture / Check Its Level

Before fixing the bathroom fixture at its spot, it is essential to check its level. An unlevel bathroom light fixture will imbalance light and give an anesthetic look. So, be careful while checking the level.

Now, one person will hold the light fixture, while the other will fix it in the wall with the help of screws. You can use a nut driver or wrench as per your requirement to fix it to the wall. Often the fixture stand varies in size. The new fixture size may be smaller compared to the old one. In such cases, you need to cover the wall’s opening around the junction box. This can be done through some adhesive and coat with paint.

Attach Lights/Dome

As of now, most of the task is done. Now take the lights out of the box, and connect them to the bathroom light fixture. Finally, you can switch on the power supply and check out the new lightning. 

Note: You need to be careful and delicate throughout the process. Changing a bathroom light fixture needs keen attention. Oh, and never forget you need a buddy too. 


Changing a bathroom light fixture may seem impossible without an electrician. But you can do it by simply following the above steps. It is an easy but delicate process. Hope this article will help you change the new lights in your bathroom.

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